I Got My First Plant in the Mail....Now What?

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I Got My First Plant in the Mail… Now What?

by Yesil Satik @happylant

Getting your first plant mail is an event. I remember my first plant received in the mail - thank you, Ryan @arizonaplantdaddy80. I’ll never forget my beautiful White Princess Philodendron ❤️ - and yes, it was through Blossm!

I remember the excitement of getting the package at my doorstep, and the huge smile on my face as I opened it. The plant came bare root - a method of plant packaging, where the roots are bundled in moss and wrapped with a film.

Whether you receive your plant potted or bare root, keep these steps in mind as you unbox your plant mail:

👀 Inspect your plant. Always always always take a good and close look at your new planty. Use a magnifying glass if necessary. Look at the leaves front and back, inspect the roots. You are looking for anything pest-like or any yellowing or browning leaves and rotten roots.

🍂 Remove any yellowing or browning leaves and any rotten roots. You can tell a root has rot by its firmness and color. Take the suspect root between your thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze. If the root disintegrates, it has rot. It also has a telling brown color. Chop the root above the rot.

🪴 If the plant is potted, keep it in its current pot unless it is severely rootbound. If it came bare root, select an appropriate sized, well-draining pot and pot ‘er up with an appropriate soil mix.

🫗 Give your plant a good watering.

🐺 Place your plant in its quarantine area, away from other plants. 

🌤️ For the first couple days, keep your new plant under low light. It just came from a dark box, so it must re-acclimate to its normal lighting conditions. It helps to know what conditions the seller kept your plant at before you received it so that you can mimic the conditions as you acclimate it to your home.

☀️ After a couple days, you may slowly increase lighting as needed.

🏠 After a couple weeks with no pest activity, you may select the new home for your plant. Don’t move your plants around too much! They don’t like that. 🙂 

Questions about plant mail? Got tips or tricks I missed? Drop them in the comments! 👇 💚

Blossm’r of the Month - Patty @raisingplants

Blossm is all about bringing people together around a shared love of plants, because growing plants together can be an incredible source of joy and connection.

On Blossm, no one does a better job of spreading plant knowledge and joy than the one and only @raisingplants. This is her story:

My plant journey really began after about 50 dead snake/spider & croton plants my MIL kept bringing me (that I’d ultimately forget I had) but she kept bringing them anyway. I think she knew how much I needed this. She helped me getting my mom’s roses rooted (after my mom passed away) & through this experience (of realizing I COULD actually get plants to root & grow) I became hooked… obsessed rather. I leaned into plant care more as a therapy. It got me through the loss of my mom, addiction issues & depression…& is currently getting me through this next chapter of motherhood creeping up on me (my kids growing up into adulthood) 🥺

Q: What brought you to Blossm?

I’d been selling the plants I grow for around 7-8 yrs now using other platforms & sometimes social media & plant purge groups but kept thinking… how amazing it would be to have a place, dedicated to the Plant community… but more than a fb group.. then one day (exactly a year ago) I’m scrolling insta & found it! Blossm!

A random post (I can’t remember what post it was now) it blew my whole mind!! I IMMEDIATELY downloaded & made my first post & listing. (1st sale within 3 days too!) I was so happy to finally have this place where we can all meet up & do all things Planty 😊 Buying-Selling-Swapping, get plant care advice, learn about new plants, find those unicorn plants for amazing prices but the best part, IMO is how GENUINE everyone is. The kindness I’ve seen, generosity, helpfulness... it’s such a rare thing in the world. If you go to a fb plant group (many of them) there’s always someone rude. But you won’t find that here. You find nothing but real, genuine & good plant people.. supporting each other, lifting each other up. That phrase “friendliest plant community” is absolutely what Blossm is. ♥️

Q: What’s your favorite plant?

Pink Pass Syngonium (my MIL grew this plant for about 35-40yrs before passing it along to me)

Find her on Blossm or Instagram. Thank you, Patty, for being part of our community!

February Plants We’re Looking Out For

With Valentines just around the corner, we’re keeping an eye our for some of our favorite plants with splashes of pink:

Philodendron Red Anderson ❤️Just look at those juicy red stems!

Hoya Sunrise - Just look at that sunstressed red peeking out!

Hoya Macrophylla Albomarginata Those pink and white margins are to die for!

Philodendron White Princess - I dont know about you, but I looooove me some chonky pink and white stems

What plants are you gifting this February? Let us know in the comments 💚

Winter Ship Tips

With the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ now behind us, many of us in the plant world can’t wait for spring. 😂 

Until then… Here are a couple tips and measures you can take as a seller to ensure your orders arrive safely to their destination:

❄️ Insulation - insulation doesn’t have to be that tin foil like material you often see in construction. It can be really anything that adds an extra layer of protection between the plants and the cold.

❄️ Shipping Upgrades

❄️ Heat Packs INSIDE your insulation

❄️ Check the weather along your shipping route

More than anything else, customers LOVE and appreciate communication. Stay in touch!

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