🌞 Blossm Summer Sale | Join LIVE Get $5

Blossm With Us - July 3 2024

🥵 Summer’s here and so are the deals!

The Summer Sale kicks off this Friday, July 5th! It’s the perfect opportunity to grab that wishlist plant. Tune into your favorite shows to claim your Blossm Bucks, and join all the LIVE events for a chance to be randomly selected for extra Blossm Bucks!

🔥 Summer Sale Details:

  1. Join any LIVE to claim $5 off your next purchase.

  2. Make a purchase during any LIVE to claim another $5 Blossm Bucks.

  3. Bookmark a LIVE show for an entry to win a custom Blossm t-shirt.

    1. Every bookmark counts as an entry!

🎉 Upcoming Shows

This weekend, dive into a full lineup of shows that will bring your plant-filled fantasies to life! Check out some of your favorite hosts below and grab a plant along with Blossm Bucks.

Be sure to bookmark new shows added daily to ensure you don’t miss out!

Summer Sale ends July 19th. Blossm Bucks credit only valid during the sale.

Happy Blossm’ing 💚

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