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Today's the Day! 🎉 Join our Spring Live Sale for $10 Off 🌱

Blossm with Us - Feb 28, 2024

At Blossm, Spring has come a little early this year 💚 🪴

Join the fun now & unlock:

  • $10 off your purchase in any Live show

  • Our Free Guide to pest ID, removal & prevention

  • Access to our upcoming masterclasses on repotting, propagation, and design (when you make at least 1 purchase)

But make no mistake — the real reason to tune in is all the amazing community members that are here to share their plant collections, knowledge, and inspiration with us!

So today, we’re taking a minute to celebrate a few of our amazing members:

Jake’s packing is so good, he once shipped a package of that was stuck in transit for 10 days during winter storms, and it arrived across country in pristine condition. I kid you not!

I’ve even heard rumor of another package stuck for 30 days, and even that one survived! (Track down @patythyme for the inside scoop. 😎)

Join Jake today Wed, Feb 28 at 4pm PST today, where you can:

  • Spin the wheel for free rare clippings

  • Enjoy $10 off your 1st purchase

  • Get free shipping, with the finest quality insulation & packaging

  • Enjoy his stellar Indonesian Aroids & charming company, exclusively on Blossm

No list of Blossm’rs would be complete without Patty.

A little Blossm trivia: Patty holds the record for community posts on Blossm, with 114 posts! 🤯 

We love the energy and joy she brings, and we’re so glad we finally convinced her to go LIVE 🎥 🤘

On her birthday and on the anniversary of her 1st Blossm sale, no less (!!) — she decided to make time to hang out with us!

Patty is all about not just selling plants but helping people achieve their plant goals however she can — so you won’t want to miss this!

Join her Wed, Mar 6 at 2pm PST where you’ll enjoy:

  • Free cuttings with every order!

  • Inexpensive, beautiful plants for people of all experience levels

  • $10 off your 1st LIVE purchase

  • Celebrate Patty’s real birthday and Blossm birthday with her LIVE, exclusively on Blossm

If you’ve been on Blossm, you probably know Tim already: he’s one of the most followed Blossmr’s on the app with a whopping 1,250 followers!

And for good reason. As a seller with 93 perfect 5-star reviews, he’s been slinging some of the most beautiful imports from Thailand and other coveted rare plants you’ll ever find. 🤩 🪴

Join him Thurs Feb 29 at 5:45pm PST, where you can:

  • Join his one-of-a-kind whiskey giveaway 🥃

  • Enjoy $10 off your 1st purchase

  • Find 100s of rare & exotic plants: Albos, Aureas, Thai cons, and more!

Thank you for supporting Blossm & we’ll see you there!

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