🌸 Spring's Here, Keep Pests Away

Blossm With Us - Mar 28, 2024

Spring is here but so are the dirty, rotten, no good pests. 😠

Maintaining a healthy indoor garden involves regular inspection for pests. Look out for signs like yellowing leaves, sticky residue, or visible insects. Early detection helps prevent the spread to other plants.

🐛 5 common pests that found on plants:

  1. Aphids are small, pear-shaped insects that can be green, black, brown or even translucent. They cluster on the undersides of leaves and feed on plant sap.

  2. Spider mites are tiny arachnids that are usually red, brown, or yellow and can also be found on the underside of leaves. They create fine webbings and cause stippling or yellowing of the leaves.

  3. Mealybugs are soft-bodied insects that resemble cottony masses and often gather in leaf axils or on the underside of leaves. They suck sap from the plants, causing wilting or yellowing.

  4. Scale insects have a hard shell-like covering and can be found attached to stems or leaves. They come in various colors and sizes and often cause leaf yellowing and stunted growth.

  5. Whiteflies are small, white, fly-like insects that are usually found on the undersides of leaves. They fly away when disturbed and can cause leaf yellowing and wilting.

Check out the Pest Guide for effective pest prevention and a keeping those stinky pests out!

Or, seek out care advice from the community. Check out this fantastic insight on eliminating spider mites, courtesy of Taylor. (@k11rfr5t)

Meet Karli, founder of Plant Vault (@plantvault)

Visited the Plant Vault shop in Encinitas with hundreds of rare plants

Karli combined her lifelong passion for fashion, pop culture trends, and plants in the creation of Plant Vault, a destination for rare plants and inspired accessories. Plant Vault specializes in unique and often elusive plants from around the world, allowing plant lovers to see them in person, often for the first time, and pairs them with fashion-forward clothing, jewelry, and gardening accessories. Karli's vision for Plant Vault is to be a center for plant culture and community where everyone can engage around their passion for plants. Plant Vault is founded on the belief that rare and exotic plants can be an attainable luxury that makes a personal statement far beyond common garden centers and home improvement stores.

A creative marketer and public relations professional with decades of experience working in fashion, entertainment, and hospitality, Karli has used her vision of combining life's passions to engage with the entertainment industry's biggest stars while working on feature films and on award shows, including the Academy Awards. She has also overseen engagement for thousands of showrooms for top fashion brands, and promoted many of Los Angeles' premier restaurants and nightclubs.

Karli lives in Encinitas, CA with her husband, two daughters and cavachon.

Join Karli this Friday, March 29 at 5:30pm PST for Plant Vault’s first show with Native Transplants.

 🦄 Shop Large Rare & Unicorn Plants from Plant Vault and Native Transplants

🎲 Games, giveaways, and prizes

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Question: What’s your favorite moss pole innovation?

@tslatick uses cups with holes on top of the poles!

Drop a comment below for your favorite pest prevention tools! 🛠️

Thanks for reading and happy planting 💚

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