The Spring Bloom is Coming to Blossm 🌱

$10 off, plant pest survival guide & free masterclasses for a limited time

If you’re here, odds are you’re already in on the secret: plants can do some amazing things.

Not just photosynthesis - I’m talking about what they do for people.

From the feeling of soil between our fingertips, to noticing the details of a new leaf, to the thrill of a surprising new burst of color, they get us out of our heads and into the present.

They’ve been proven to:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Make us feel happier about our environment

  • Improve productivity

So why do so many of us never unlock the benefits of plants we crave?

Why are our spaces filled with sad, wilting plants, boring plants from the grocery store, or empty corners, that we know could be transformed into something we love if only we took action?

Here’s the deal:

  • We think we can’t afford a beautiful plant - but getting stunning plants is easier and more affordable than ever

  • We tell ourselves it’s too much trouble to learn to care for our plants - but getting care help and taking care of our plants will pay back 10x

  • We think it’s too much work to make a new plant design, but the resources we need have never been easier to access

If any of these are you, I’ve got good news. You’re not alone. And we built Blossm to help you solve this! 🙌

Blossm Spring Sale: Wed, Feb 28 - Fri, Mar 15 🌱

Next week, we’re bringing you everything you need to to make your plant dreams a reality this year:

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 🩺 🪳Our Free Plant Pest Survival Guide

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Don’t just buy a plant, join the world’s friendliest plant community! 🌱

Blossm is so much more than a place to buy plants - buying is just the first step.

When you join Blossm, you join a community that will help you keep your plants thriving and share with you: from free cuttings, to inspiration, to care help.

Click below to get early access to our Plant Pest Survival guide 🩺 🪴 🌱

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