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Blossm With Us - May 13, 2024

☝️ First Time Imports

The world of imported plants can be quite overwhelming to plant collectors - but it doesn’t have to be! We’ll give you the rundown on how to get an import permit, what to avoid and what to look for in a supplier.

Getting an Import Permit

If your supplier is providing a phytosanitary certificate with your shipment, you don’t need an import permit but let’s pretend you do need one.

🌐 Navigate to this website, this is the USDA application home page.

⛏️ Select PPQ-586 in the dropdown menu under ‘Ready to Apply?’ and click Get Started!

↪️ You will be taken to an identity verification ‘.gov’ site where you will have to verify your identity.

💬 It’s self explanatory after this, you’ll be taken to the application (which is online) and you’ll fill out your details and the details of your imports.

🖱️ When prompted, choose ‘Plants for Propagation’, and try to make sure you include every plant genus you plan to import and from each country you plan to import (It’s simpler to have everything on one permit. You can have multiple import permits if you forget something, so don’t worry too too much about it).

👏 Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll receive an email with your import permit shortly. You’ll also be able to access it from the website if you need to.

🔌 Here is a blurb from @nativetransplants on importing:

The three things I wished I knew before I started importing plants:

1️⃣ Beware of scammers. Most plant exporters do most of their business on social media, and you should be rightfully nervous before sending anyone thousands of dollars electronically. Vet suppliers, ask for references, and always start with small orders.

2️⃣ Document your losses. Expect that the USDA is going to inspect every single package you import. They don't care if a plant is $5 or $5,000 - if they think they see a bug on it, they'll throw it away and not even tell you about it. These inspections can also lead to significant delays in transit, causing damages to your plants. Make sure to keep thorough records of what you actually receive and ask the supplier to replace missing/damaged plants.

3️⃣ Ask questions. Many exporters will send you an availability list, and it is never complete. If you're looking for something specific, ask about it, and there's a good chance they either will have it or know someone who does.

Supplier Hunting Tips

✅ DO browse Instagram for Indonesian or Thai suppliers. Pro Tip: look at who you follow (that sells plants), and then look at who THEY follow. Often these mid-sized suppliers on instagram have awesome prices.

✅ DO reach out to the prospective supplier asking if they accept a payment method you are familiar with.

❌ DON’T use payment methods you aren’t familiar with.

✅ DO reach out asking for a wholesale price list.

✅ DO ask for pictures or videos of the plants you are interested in, with something verifying the video is their own (could be a piece of paper with the date and your name on it in the beginning of a video).

💚 Happy plant shopping!💚

Blossm’er of the Month

Meet Christy (@karmasutra), our Blossm’r of the Month! Christy stands out in our community with her enthusiasm and keen eye for quality. Join us as we celebrate her adventurous spirit and get to know more about her Blossm experience.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your plant journey!

A: I am a science teacher, doctoral student, future wife, mom of 4, and soon to be grandma. While I may not be a huge fan of Minnesota winters (who is?), I have a deep love for the natural world. That passion originally drew me to a career in natural resources, but eventually, I found myself wanting to share that love with others. What started as a way to bring nature indoors for myself blossomed into a fascination with the unique and resilient world of plants. Cacti and succulents were my first foray, teaching me valuable lessons about survival and thriving in tough conditions. But my true passion bloomed when I discovered the incredible diversity of aroids, particularly Philodendrons and Monsteras. These fascinating plants, with their stunning variegations and hybrid forms, ignited a curiosity about the science of genetics behind their beauty. My goal isn't just to teach about plants, but to also learn from and beside others and share in creating unique experiences. Plants have become a source of personal well-being. Whether I'm troubleshooting a wilting flower or simply admiring my collection, tending to my plants serves as a form of therapy and a welcome escape from the day's stress. I want to help create a community of plant enthusiasts who share this passion – no more lonely islands here!

Q: What brought you to Blossm and why do you enjoy Blossm?

A: Remember the frustration of gorgeous plants in ads arriving damaged, misrepresented, or just plain different? We've all been there. Disconnected sellers and a lack of community left you feeling like more trouble than it's worth. You searched for a better plant buying experience, maybe even joined online groups. But, the lack of true connection left you disappointed in yet another experience? There had to be something better, right? Enter Blossm! You might even be like me and have even downloaded it once, but life got busy and you forgot about it. It was not until I gave Blossm a real chance, that I truly understood what I was missing. It is more than just an app to buy plants. Joining live chats with amazing plant enthusiasts like myself was refreshing and I finally felt the connection I had been looking for. On Blossm we learn and, share a passion with one another. The supportive community that's all about the joy of plants is just the icing on the cake. Blossm is where you'll find your people and finally have a rewarding plant buying experience.

Q: What’s your favorite plant?

A: I am unsure if it is even possible to choose just one. Each is unique and deserves the spotlight

We asked Christy for a photo of her favorite plant and we got five photos😂

Follow Christy at her social media below :-)
Blossm: @karmasutra
Instagram: @Variegations_Of_Karma

🌱 Sprouting Alocasia Corms

How do y’all get your corms to sprout? 🥵 I can no longer get them to do so, they always just rot on me! Don’t forget to vote on your favorite idea and the winner will get TEN BLOSSM BUX!!

@rude1 swears by water!

@rude1: I’ve had the best success in water. I’ve lost many to sphagnum moss and perlite. Throw your corms into an airtight container and place on a heat mat under a bright grow light. They should sprout within a week or so. Keep moist and don’t let dry out. It has the smallest amount of water just enough to keep them moist.

@viridescentsarah reuses plastic containers for a simple and environmentally conscious method!

@viridescentsarah: I have plastic square dishes I've turned into mini green houses. I only have damp Sphagnum Moss in there. I open it once a week to make sure it gets fresh air/oxygen & to make sure it's still moist.I placed my corm in there and put it in a little volcano shaped nest lol the moss was all around the sides but the top was poking out. If you look at my photos, you can see the hole from where it was sitting lol It rooted and pushed a leaf super fast! I didn't pull it out until the leaf was touching the lid of my container.I don't use heat mats where they are sitting but they get tons of sun. My house is always at 70° or higher so, my house doesn't really get cold to where I need to worry about heat.Then, I put it in a clear cup with moss around the roots and I put pearlite at the bottom for some drainage. It's pushed a second leaf since and it's doing good. I'll keep it in moss for a while and put it in a taller cup soon so there's more room for the roots!The containers I used are from buying mini naan bread from Walmart. Pic for reference in photos, if anyone is interested.

@westcoastfoliage has a simple method - set it and forget it!

@westcoastfoliage: I just place mine in damp spagnum moss and then seal it up in a plastic zipper bag. Then I practically forget about it and just let it do its thing. For me, I always make sure to have the new shoot formation side slightly above the surface of the moss and have the rhizome side down. I keep the corm about a foot below a 50W Barrina grow light Panel running 12 hours a day and it seems to love it. I also rarely open the bag until I’m ready to start acclimating it, then I do that slowly over a week or so

@llamaandco used to struggle until they found this unique method!

@llamaandco: I used to be on the struggle bus with corms. Until I started growing then in pumice with LECA at the bottom of the cup. I do add a little carbon to the mix. Basically passive Hydro.The plumber seems to work well because it does absorb water better than perlite. As the structure of palmers has more holes within each piece. It’s heavier so it doesn’t float and it’s also rich in calcium which these guys need. This has been a game changer for my corms no more rot.

@rareplantpurgeshop uses H2O2 to their advantage!

@rareplantpurgeshop: I use a deli container put some hydrogen peroxide covering a little less than 1/2 of the corm the next day or two i gently scratch/peel off the brown outter layer with your finger nail gently. This minimizes the corm from rotting and lets the corm develop roots faster. In my experience. So then place back in the deli container under a grow light no heat mat needed i feel that heatmats rot corms with the outter husk. i get 100 % success this method haven’t lost a corm yet with this method cheep easy and if the corn is mature enough it will sprout. If the corm isn’t completely mushy you can still save it these in this picture were starting to rot  and i  peeled them and added HP. And they are thriving.. not 1 lost.

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