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  • I'm a convicted plant killer. Seriously, I kill cacti 🌵😵

I'm a convicted plant killer. Seriously, I kill cacti 🌵😵

Blossm with Us - Feb 19, 2024

We’ve all been there.

We very conveniently “forgot” that poor plant on the windowsill when we took off for summer vacation. Whoops!

Or maybe we asked our mom to water our favorite plant pet, only to return to find it suffering from root rot due to way… way too much love.

Alright, let’s get really honest.

Maybe we even have that one alocasia in the corner that’s got those suspicious dots on it that we just can’t get be bothered to look at too closely, because well… they move. 🪳

Ok - guilty! 😂

Even our beloved albos sometimes succumb to root rot 😩

If any of these are you right now, I got some good news.

Your serial “plant killer” problem is very solvable.

It’s not genetic. It’s not terminal. You will make it through this!

And the best part is - the first step you need to take is the best one you can ever ask for. The most rewarding one. The key “unlock.”

What is it?

Simple: Decide you’re not going to go it alone anymore.

Turn your “solo” plant hobby into a “plants with friends” hobby.

And watch the magic start to happen!

At Blossm, we’re all about growing together — which is why we’ve built a community of some of the friendliest plant experts you’ll ever meet!

Whether your goal is to:

Our community has you covered!

So what’s your biggest plant challenge right now? Your input will help us get you the right guides and masterclasses to make your plant journey even better! Let us know below. 🤘

Which of the following masterclasses would you be most excited to attend? 🪴

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