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Summer Fun at Blossm! 🌞 Free Shipping & Massive Plant Giveaways!

Blossm With Us - June 28, 2024

Finally, Summer ☀️

Who doesn’t love summer? Long days, warm nights, and relaxation. Our houseplants thrive in summer too—it's their growing season.

At Blossm, we’re excited for summer—not just for our plants at home, but for the new wishlist plants to come!

To celebrate, we’re launching an incredible SUMMER sale next week! Stay tuned for more details on this amazing promotion.

🥳 Summer fun at Blossm has begun with two amazing shows this weekend to heat up your jungles!

Grab a wishlist plant tonight with FREE SHIPPING tonight at @leafygarden.jv LIVE show.

Join Jose TONIGHT at 6:45pm PST for a special summer event for free shipping on all orders.

Don't miss out on massive giveaways of over 20 plants tomorrow at @soflogrows LIVE show! This is your chance to snag some incredible deals.

Join Cory and friends Saturday at 3pm PST as he shares his Southern Florida plant collection with over 20 plants to giveaway.

😇 Our Top 5 Summer Plant Care Tips

💦 Keep plants hydrated: Water more frequently than in fall and winter. Water in the early morning or evening to avoid plant burn and evaporation. Add rocks or mulch to the soil to retain moisture. For vacations, try longer-term hydration solutions.

☀️ Check sun exposure: Shield plants from intense midday sun with sheer curtains or by moving them away from windows. Rotate plants weekly for even sun exposure. Test light intensity with your hand; if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your plant. Cacti and succulents are exceptions.

🥶 Chill on the air conditioner: Avoid placing plants near A/C units or drafts. Most houseplants prefer stable, warm, humid environments. Increase humidity with plant groupings, humidifiers, or pebble trays.

🍬 Break out the fertilizer: Fertilize from early spring to late summer with an NPK ratio (e.g., 8-4-6). These nutrients support long-term plant health.

🌴 Move plants outdoors: Gradually move houseplants outside when nighttime temperatures are above 65°F (18°C). Start in a shady spot and gradually increase light exposure. Be mindful of wind, rain, and pests.

🏆 Breaking Records: @charqu33n13 has set the record for longest LIVE show with 6 hours and 52 mins.

Charlene was unstoppable during her live show! If you haven’t checked out one of her shows yet, you're missing out. She's a super fun seller from the PNW who makes specialty octopus tentacles that add a quirky touch to any plant pot!

The tentacles in action!

Be on the lookout for her next show to snag your own! 🐙

Thanks for reading and Happy Blossm’ing 💚

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